Plant Product Valorization

We can help you explore the potential of your plant material, including by-products. Or if you want to use functional dietary fibers as an ingredient in your products; we are happy to assist you.

We are Flora Split

A short introduction to what we do:

What Value is in Plant Material?

Plant materials are a sustainable source of many different valuable components, like proteins, fibers and phenolic compounds. We believe in plant materials as the future source of healthy food and functional ingredients.

Dietary Fibers

Important for a healthy diet and valuable technological functionalities


Alternative and Sustainable Protein Sources.

By-Product Utilization

Valorization of Plant By-Products

Vegetable Oil

High Quality Vegetable Oils and Fats.

Our Services

How can we archive a sustainable and precious circular economy?

Step 1. Analysis

We offer different types of analysis to determine the components of your plant material. Based on this information, we can decide what can be profitably derived from your plant material.

The Flora Split Team

Meet our creative team, those who have passion to work and make our clients more comfortable and happy.

Luca Kühnel

chemical engineering

Background in chemical and bioprocess engineering. Interested in Food processing and chemistry

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